Because I have a Badass, that’s why. 💵💰
Who’s gonna get me #Chucky as a gift?
Walking with a cute tamagotchi or stuffed animal with you all the time is part of being a #kawaii #kawaiifordummies

"Kawaii" means cute and lovely in Japanese. 

Its a style that uses bright colors and characters to make a person look more childlike

I took this photo in Guangzhou, China summer 2013

If you guys have more info about kawaii that would like to share. Please feel free to post.
I took this photo While taking a Gondola ride at Oxford University
A Nude Art.

This is a repost of a photo I posted back when I was in Shanghai, China summer 2013. I decided to re-add it to one of the nude art sessions that I lately did. 

I hope I don’t get my account deactivated haha, I think It looks decent.

- what do you guys think?
A beautiful Chinese #Handmade vase lamp.